Kanye West revealed his favourite song of 2015, and it's a big surprise

We may already be deep into March, but timing has never stopped Kanye West before. And so he’s just let the world know what he thinks was the best song of last year.

Kanye went on Twitter to enlighten his followers:

Well, that’s a surprise. If you were going to say Kanye’s favourite song of 2015 was by Kanye, sorry, you’re out of luck. He passed over his own releases (even he seems to have forgotten about “All Day”) in favour of Justin Bieber’s hit “What Do You Mean?”

This has to make Justin Bieber very, very happy. The artist rebounded from scandal with arguably his most commercial and well-liked album yet in “Purpose,” with dancehall-inflected songs including “What Do You Mean?” that took him to the top of the charts.

Kanye has said at various times since “Yeezus” that he’s not really making music for radio anymore. But if his favourite song of 2015 is any indication, he might still wish he was dominating charts — and ears — like Bieber.

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