Kanye West Deletes All Of His Tweets — Except For One

Kanye West is known for going on a Twitter rant or two, but on Thursday the rapper deleted all tweets except for one: a date.

Kanye West Twitter

While some believe “June Eighteen” is the date West’s new album will drop, others believe it’s his baby mama Kim Kardashian’s due date.

She is the only person he follows on Twitter.

“Kim Kardashian announced she was pregnant with their child on Dec. 31. So it wouldn’t be too big a guess to say he was giving his 9.4 million followers a due date,” writes The Wrap.

But Huffington Post seems to think the tweet could be an indication of when to expect West’s latest album, citing his work schedule: “West is also set to appear on ‘SNL,’ so look for him to drop at least a new song before that appearance. Tri-state area fans will be sure to hear a sampling of the album at Governor’s Ball, where he’ll close out the three-day festival on June 9.”

Idolator ponders the date further:

This is a tough one to interpret, but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that it’s a release date of some kind. An album, probably, since his is supportably done. Maybe a single. Maybe it’s the official release date of The Greatest Baby Who Ever Lived. Maybe somebody called in a favour and June 18 will mark the release of new line of Rob Kardashian socks. Who knows?

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