A secret Kanye West concert in New York turned into a 'near-riot' on the streets

Don’t say Kanye West doesn’t love his fans.

The rapper was supposed to play Governors Ball, a music festival in New York City, on Sunday, but the festival canceled the day due to weather. So West scrambled for another way to play.

Word started to spread about a secret show Kanye would play at 2 a.m. at Webster Hall in Manhattan. About 4,000 fans gathered outside the venue to see him, according to The Daily Beast, in what it called a “near-riot.”

“The crowd stampeded, broke windshields, and even passed out. Then Kanye didn’t show up,” the site wrote of what happened.

After the crowd got rough, security at the venue told people to “go home” because the show was shut down.

On Snapchat, West’s wife Kim Kardashian said he tried to get in touch with NYC mayor Bill De Blasio to get a block party going, according to Uproxx, but he was unsuccessful.

Kanye did eventually show up outside Webster Hall, though. He couldn’t make a show happen, but he popped out of the sunroof of his Mercedes-Benz to greet fans, who predictably went nuts.

Rumours of another pop-up show at the Trump SoHo building went around on social media, which led fans there.

Alas, the Kanye show never did happen.

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