Kanye West covers his laptop camera with tape

  • Kanye West tweeted out videos of himself on his computer on Monday.
  • If you look closely, one of the videos shows his MacBook – and what appears to be black tape covering the laptop’s camera.

This is Kanye West, a world famous musician and fashion designer. Lately, he’s been stirring up some controversy by posting videos of himself watching Scott Adams, the “Dilbert” cartoonist and current right-wing provocateur.

There’s a lot to notice in the short videos, and Kanye may just be stoking the fires of controversy for the fun of it. But wait a minute…


Let’s zoom in:

KanyetapesovercameraKanye West/Business Insider

On the laptop Kanye is watching, it definitely looks like he’s placed tape over the MacBook’s camera.

It’s a fairly paranoid move – but for someone of Kanye’s stature, it may make sense. Kanye has more security concerns than a normal performer. In 2016, his wife Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris after the thieves identified valuables she had while travelling through Instagram. When it comes to laptop cameras specifically, tech companies promise that their security would prevent a hacker on spying on you that way, but security experts insist it’s theoretically possible.

Kanye joins other massive celebrities who tape over their webcams, including former FBI director and NYT bestselling author James Comey, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Turns out, if you have strangers drawing fan art of you and your family, like thesethreemen have in common, then you might be a little paranoid too.

Zuck tapes over his webcamMark Zuckerberg

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