People are going nuts after Kanye West's new Adidas sneakers line immediately sells out

Kanye West fans were in a frenzy this weekend after the rapper’s latest line of Adidas sneakers, the Yeezy Boost 350, immediately sold out.

Fans waited in hours-long lines outside of Adidas stores from London to Chicago to get the sneakers on Saturday, but the majority of the $US200 limited edition shoes were reserved for customers who had pre-ordered online.

Most who went to purchase online day-of were greeted by this:

Just an hour after the sneakers went on sale to the general public Saturday morning at approximately 11:25 a.m. EST, the official Adidas Twitter account posted: “#YEEZYBOOST 350 is now sold out online in the U.S.”

People went nuts online, expressing their frustration via Twitter:


With demand high, people are now selling the Yeezy Boosts for hundreds more on eBay:

While some are upset about the price increase…