Kansas University Is Not Good At Negotiating Contracts


Photo: Flickr/Kansas Explorer 3128

Kansas University’s abysmal 2-5 start to the 2010 season has been bad enough that many fans are already giving up on first-year head coach Turner Gill.However, even if Kansas’s athletic department wanted to get rid of Gill, they’ve tied their own hands in a way that makes it nearly impossible.

Gill’s five-year, $10 million contract does not have a buyout clause, meaning that if the Jayhawks really wanted to remove their coach, they’d have to come up with $8 million, the remainder of Gill’s salary, within 90 days. That’s a lofty sum on its own, but considering Gill’s assistants make another $2 million annually, Kansas won’t be in a hurry to make a change.

Oh, and there’s one more complication. Kansas only hired Gill in the first place after coming to a messy settlement with ex-coach Mark Mangino for $3 million. He also didn’t have a buyout clause and was only pushed out the door when his coaching methods were called into question. Despite all that, Kansas inexplicably neglected to organise a buyout clause with its new coach, and here we are.

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