SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Kansas State Tops BCS Despite Not Leading Any Polls

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With Alabama’s loss this weekend, Kansas State jumps to the top of the BCS rankings. And if the season ended today, they would play Oregon in the BCS Championship game, and Notre Dame would be the undefeated team without a spot at the table.

If we take a closer look at the components of the BCS ranking, we see that Kansas State is number one in the BCS despite being ranked second in both the Harris and Coaches polls, as well as the average of the computer rankings*.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame is the number one team according to the computer rankings, thanks in large part to a tougher schedule, but is just third in the BCS rankings thanks to being a distant third in both polls…

BCS rankings week 12

* The Harris Poll, Coaches Poll, and average of the six computer rankings all count as one-third of the BCS ranking.

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