The most expensive home in Kansas is a mansion with scuba tunnels and a waterfall — and it's selling for almost $11 million. Take a look inside.

The Perfect SpotThe waterfall.
  • A Kansas home with seven bedrooms and a waterfall is on the market for $US10.9 million.
  • KCTV, a local news outlet, called it “the most expensive home” in the state.
  • On top of its water park-like amenities, the home, nicknamed “Spirit of Avalon,” also has a wine cellar, a two-story library, and a recreation room with a projection screen.
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The most expensive house in Kansas is on the market for $US10.9 million, local news outlet KCTV reports. The sprawling estate, located on 17,000 square feet in the Greater Kansas City area, is known as “The Spirit of Avalon.”

The pricey home is spacious, with seven bedroom ad seven bathrooms. It’s also filled with luxe amenities, including a commercial-grade kitchen, a library, and a 4-car attached garage. But what really sets the home apart are its more unique features — namely, scuba diving tunnels and a waterfall.

Forbes reports that late natural gas executive and scuba lover Dennis Langley (who once served as the speechwriter for President-elect Joe Biden) and his wife, Lyn, built the house and its various add-ons.

Per Zillow, the home has been on the market since at least September 2019, when it was listed for $US11.8 million. The asking price was cut to $US10.9 million in July.

Katie Casey and Gary Hosack of Crown Realty currently hold the listing.

“The Spirit of Avalon” is a sprawling estate located in the Greater Kansas City area. It sits on over 17,000 square feet of land, according to the listing.

The Perfect SpotThe ‘Spirit of Avalon.’

Source: Crown Realty

Per Forbes, the late natural gas executive Dennis Langley and his wife Lyn built the house. Langley also once worked as a speechwriter for President-elect Joe Biden.

The Perfect SpotAn exterior shot of the home.

Source: Forbes, KCTV

Local news outlet KCTV called the Spirit of Avalon “the most expensive home” in the state. The typical home in Kansas is valued at $US165,364, per Zillow’s latest estimates.

The Perfect SpotA waterfall on the grounds around the house.

Source: KCTV, Zillow

Listing agency Crown Realty notes that the home has seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and an additional seven half-bathrooms.

The Perfect SpotOne of the seven bedrooms in the home.

Source: Crown Realty

The home also has a commercial-grade kitchen, according to the listing.

The Perfect SpotThe kitchen.

Source: Crown Realty

There’s plenty of space for entertaining. According to Crown Realty, the home’s rec room doubles as a mini home theatre, complete with a projection screen.

The Perfect SpotThe billiards table and projection screen in the recreation room.

Source: Crown Realty

Additionally, the property has its own spacious wine cellar.

The Perfect SpotThe wine cellar.

Source: Crown Realty

Per Crown Realty, the property also has an office that spans two stories.

The Perfect SpotThe office.

Source: Crown Realty

The listing also highlights the home’s private scuba diving tunnels, which feature fossils and a grotto, and its waterfall — certainly the property’s most unique amenities.

The Perfect SpotThe waterfall and the pond it feeds into.

Source: Crown Realty

The home has a large pumping system that keeps the water clean, per the listing agents. Water from the tunnel, grotto, and waterfall feeds into a freshwater pond.

The Perfect SpotA aerial shot of the home.

Source: Crown Realty

You can even see water from inside the home. “One of the water features goes under the breezeway room that connects the main home and library addition and is visible [through] glass viewing panels in the floor,” the listing notes.

The Perfect SpotAn indoor swimming area.

Source: Crown Realty

The listing also mentions a garage that fits four cars and a carriage house with its own bedroom and kitchen.

The Perfect SpotInside the carriage house.

Source: Crown Realty

The home’s indoor swimming area is tucked away in a grotto, which was constructed over the course of three years circa 2000, according to the listing.

The Perfect SpotAn indoor swimming area.

Source: Crown Realty

The grotto also features a small seating and bar area.

The Perfect SpotA seating area.

Source: Crown Realty

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