Kansas: FiLife Definitely Launching Soon

FiLife, the joint venture between InterActive Corp. (IACI) and Dow Jones (NWS), is definitely launching in “weeks, not months,” editor Dave Kansas writes in a blog post. After a year in development, confusion after the Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of Dow Jones, and the startup’s documented problems hanging on to staff, we had our doubts. (An IAC spokesperson reassured us last week, contrary to reports, the site is launching (again) in June.)

Kansas promises his approach will be “fun and interactive, rather than the boring dreck that one usually finds when hunting for personal finance information.” The site has been redesigned and has a new logo.

No word on the new business model for the site, but from the looks of it, visitors will be offered deals of some sort through “FiDeals”–presumably on financial products. If the new promo site is to be believed, the content deal with the WSJ is alive and well. “With advice from the Wall Street Journal,” the site advertises. Even better, the staff appear to have upped the posting pace a bit: from Friday, a piece about the retail phenomenon that is Ikea.



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