The Kansas City Chiefs Gambled On The Players Who Made Them The Worst Team In The NFL, And It Paid Off

The Kansas City Chiefs are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL.
They have the 1st-ranked defence, the 2nd-ranked special teams, and an offence that does just enough to win.

The most interesting part is that they’re doing it with a lot of the same players from last year’s league-worst 2-14 team.

In the offseason the Chiefs made a gamble. They bet that the team that went 2-14 was actually really talented, and that they could become a contender with a few roster tweaks.

Many franchises in their situation would dismantle the team and start from scratch. They’d let the free agents walk and trade for draft picks.

Instead, they re-signed some key pieces from last year’s team, brought in some free agents, and traded away a future asset for a starting quarterback.

Here’s what they did in the offseason:

  • Re-signed wide receiver Dwayne Bowe for $US56 million over five years
  • Used the franchise tag on offensive tackle Brandon Albert, meaning he got a one-year, $US10 million contract
  • Re-signed punter Dustin Colquitt for a preposterous $US18.75 million over five years
  • Traded a second-round pick in 2013 and a similar pick in 2014 for QB Alex Smith
  • Signed cornerback Sean Smith for $US18 million over three years
  • Signed wide receiver Donnie Avery for three years

Those are all “win now” moves. You don’t make those moves unless you believe you’re close to contending for a Super Bowl.

Despite the awful record in 2012, the new Chiefs front office still believed they were a good team, and they acted accordingly in the offseason.

It was risky, but it clearly paid off.

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