Kansas City Chiefs' miraculous and meaningless last-second touchdown had a huge impact on gamblers

The Kansas City Chiefs pulled off what will go down in history as one of the wildest covers in gambling history on Sunday night.

Going into their matchup against the Wahington Redskins, the Chiefs were seven point favourites, meaning if bettors wanted to back them, the Chiefs would have to win by more than seven for their bet to cash.

Over the course of the game, that outcome seemed highly unlikely. The Redskins scored first, and entered halftime with a 10-7 lead.

As the game progressed to the fourth quarter, it was clear that it would end in a one possession game. Knotted at 20-20, the Chiefs drove the field with their final possession to make it into field goal range with just seconds remaining. Rookie kicker Harrison Butker nailed a 43-yard field goal to snag the win for the Chiefs, but more importantly for gamblers, seal the Redskins cover, with Washington still within seven points with just seconds to play.

But bettors likely thought too soon.

After the Redskins took a touchback, Kirk Cousins and company lined up for one more play.

It did not go as expected, and left people who had money on the Chiefs elated.

With the miracle score, the Chiefs made it to 29-20 with no time remaining on the clock. The nine-point lead meant that those who bet on Kansas City, with nothing but the grace of luck guiding them, won their once lost bets.

But the gut-wrenching gambling outcomes weren’t over for the night.

As the Chiefs lined up for their extra point attempt, the over/under, a bet for how many total points would be scored in the game, still hung in the balance. For many, the line hung at 49.5, meaning just one made extra point after this miracle touchdown would mean that over bettors were just as blessed as their fellow gamblers who backed the Chiefs.

But it simply wasn’t meant to be.

Rather than kick the extra point and assure the over, Andy Reid elected to line up in victory formation, and kneel on the extra point. The total landed on 49, saving under bettors a lot of cash and endless heartache.

It should be noted that the over/under line opened at 49.5 before moving south. So there was cheering and screaming on both sides of that decision.

So cheers to those that bet the Chiefs, and deepest condolences to those that backed the over early on.

And to the poor soul that chose to parlay the two, the lesson, as always, is that gambling is a cruel mistress.

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