The lawyer for the woman accusing Patrick Kane of sexual assault is stepping down

The lawyer of a woman accusing Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane abruptly quit the case Thursday night, saying he’s no longer comfortable representing the woman because of how her mother reported finding an evidence bag that once held the woman’s rape kit.

Thomas Eoannou told reporters on Thursday night that he doesn’t believe the story he was told about how the bag was found.

Eoannou says he confirmed with prosecutors investigating the case that the bag is authentic.





The reversal comes after police said Wednesday that the rape kit and the bag itself were handled properly. Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita planned a news conference Friday to talk about the case.

Eoannou previously said that the folded up paper bag was found by the woman’s mother in between her storm door and her front door.

Eoannou says he’s still confident in the woman’s allegations against Kane.

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