This App Lets You Stream Mobile Games Online, And It's Already Surpassed Twitch In One Key Area

A growing number of gamers are recording and streaming their video games online so others can watch and enjoy the experience as a community.

Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon earlier this year for $US970 million, has provided streaming service to gamers since 2011 — but Twitch is largely a desktop application used for PC and console gaming.

Kamcord offers the same service but for mobile games on iOS and Android. And now, it’s officially the first game-streaming service that uses Apple’s new Metal technology, which lets developers build high-quality games that don’t take up so much space on one’s device. (You can learn more about how Metal achieves this feat here.)

In addition to Metal support, Kamcord’s latest update released Thursday offers a complete visual redesign, a “heavily requested” notifications feature, and other “enhancements” for the new iPhones and iOS 8.

Kamcord has a lot of big-name investors so far, including Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Y Combinator, China’s Tencent, and others. The startup has raised $US9.8 million thus far.

Investors will be pleased to know Kamcord is taking off with customers: According to 9to5Mac, Kamcord users have shared 25 million videos, and it’s even passed Twitch in terms of unique content creators (1.3 million on Kamcord vs. 1 million on Twitch). Kamcord users also upload about 1 hour of mobile gameplay videos every minute.

“I think a lot of people has this notion that gameplay recording is still very niche and hasn’t caught on yet,” Kamcord’s Eric Edelman told 9to5Mac. “What those numbers show is a tremendous amount of people are already engaging with gameplay recording on mobile.”

Kamcord is a free download for iOS and Android.

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