Kaltura Sees Upside In Video For Education, Open Source Provider Working With Ivy Leagues

LAS VEGAS — Kaltura is seeing growth across many sectors around its open source video solution — a system which allows customers to use the Kaltura “toolkit” to create a customised solution, says CEO Ron Yekutiel. 

Yekutiel tells Beet.TV in this video interview that the company is working with a number of academic institutions including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale University.

In addition to powering the FOX digital, which was announced, the company has ongoing projects with Paramount, Warner Brothers and HBO.   On the corporate side, clients include Bank of America and Best Buy, he says.

He says that some clients use a ready-to-go product while others customise the service.  He notes that some customers chose to manage and host the Kaltura solution within their enterprise.

The company recently raised a round of financing, lead by Intel Capital.

We spoke last week at the NAB conference.

Andy Plesser

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