Brooklyn’s Kaltura: Top of TechCrunch Heap


Congratulations to Williamsburg’s Kaltura, who won the equivalent of the “People’s Choice” award at the TechCrunch40 and were rewarded with the chance to demo on the main stage. Kaltura, which allows users to edit video and other media collaboratively, spent two days in TechCrunch’s “Demo Pit” battling with 100 other startups that didn’t qualify for formal presentation slots at the Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis’ event.

Kaltura got tapped to present in the 40th “real” slot at the end of Tuesday and had 15 minutes to scramble before going onstage. CEO Ron Yekutiel is reportedly still slumbering on the west coast and will blog about the experience shortly (we’ll link). The company was founded last fall and has 20 employees and $2.1M in funding from angels and Avalon Ventures.