This home in Western Australia is built out of 9 shipping containers. Take a look inside.

Image: Stefan Smith
  • The Kaloorup Shipping Container home is located in Western Australia.
  • Owner and builder Steve Hick told Business Insider Australia it is around 370 square metres.
  • The house is available for rent, with a negotiable price between $300 to $700 a night.
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This container home in Western Australia is open for holidaymakers.

The Kaloorup Shipping Container home was built by Steve Hick with input from his wife Fiona.

Steve Hick told Business Insider Australia it was the first legal container house built in the city of Busselton. “We’ve got two shires down there, we’ve got the City of Busselton and the Shire of Margaret River-Augusta and we’re right on the boundary,” he said.

The house is available for rent, with the price negotiable between $300 to $700 a night, depending on the number of people who want to stay.

Here’s a closer look at the property:

Steve and Fiona live in Perth but purchased 110 acres of bushland at Margaret River 13 years ago where they wanted to build a property they could use as a holiday home or rent out.

The house is built from nine, 40 foot (12 metre) containers and spans across around 370 square metres.

Hick wanted to build the home as sustainably as possible, using windows saved from salvage and even recycled timbers.

The house is designed for two families. It has two king-sized master suites that are identical and two rooms with four built-in bunks.

Steve was inspired by a winery in Tasmania called Devil’s Corner, with one of its buildings, the Cellar Door, built out of shipping containers. “Fiona was buying a bottle of wine at the cellar door and I went back to the van and started to Google and call people, and ask how much a container is back in Perth,” Hick said, adding that he “couldn’t slow down after that.”

Upstairs features a kitchen and a large open plan area suitable for two families dining or watching television. Downstairs is kids area with a lounge room and bathroom.

There’s also the deck which is ideal for barbecues.

Hick said families have mainly been renting out the property because it’s on such a big area of land. Plus, there’s a football field and a dam outside.