Kaley Cuoco teared up while thanking a stranger for returning her wallet: 'There are good people in the world'

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesKaley Cuoco is having a bit of a week.
  • Kaley Cuoco took to Instagram to emotionally thank a fan who found her lost wallet at a restaurant.
  • “The Big Bang Theory” actress started to tear up while telling the story, explaining that she was “fully hysterical” when she realised it was missing.
  • The person who found it was probably a fan – they labelled the wallet “Penny” when they returned it, the name of her character on the sitcom.

On March 27, “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco shared a story with her Instagram followers that will make you believe – if you ever had any doubt – that there are still good people in the world.

Cuoco explained that with the end of her long-running show coming closer and closer, she’s been having a week filled with ups and downs, but she wanted to share an experience that had made her believe in humanity again.

A few days prior to this, Cuoco had lost her wallet having lunch at a restaurant in Calabasas, California, but didn’t realise until much later in the evening. In her own words, once she figured out what happened, Cuoco became “fully hysterical” and called the restaurant in tears.

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Thankfully, once she called the restaurant, Cuoco found out that a random act of kindness had occurred. A stranger found her wallet, wrote the name “Penny” on it (her “Big Bang Theory” character), and turned it in without taking anything inside.

Kaley Cuoco wallet photo@kaleycuoco/InstagramKaley Cuoco’s Instagram story thanking the person who returned her wallet in March 2019.

It stands to reason that Cuoco, who reportedly earns $US1 million per episode of “Big Bang,” would have had a lot of cash and other valuable things in her wallet, but this kind person didn’t take anything – which really touched her.

Teary eyed, she thanked the stranger, saying she wished she could have met the person so she could have given them all the cash in her wallet.

“I was so grateful that there was someone so sweet on this Earth and honest and it didn’t go unnoticed,” she concluded.

“There are good people in the world,” she captioned the story.

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