Florida Teen Not Fazed After Losing Arm To An Alligator

gatorThere have been 225 documented cases of major bites from alligators in Florida since 1984.

Photo: ABC News

A Florida teen sacrificed his arm to an alligator and is just glad he was attacked instead of one of his friends, Christina Ng of ABC reports.Kaleb Langdale, 17, was swimming with friends when he noticed a 10-foot alligator gliding directly at him. Kaleb, who said that he’s spent his whole life in the water, grabbed the skin underneath the gator’s mouth before pushing off and attempting to swim away.

The gator chomped one of his arms as he swam, rolling over and breaking the bones while pulling Kaleb into the depths of the Caloosahatchee River. 

Kaleb knew that he had to decide whether to lose the arm or die, so he put his foot on the gator’s mouth and tugged until his arm ripped off under the elbow.


Photo: ABC News

His arm was bleeding badly when he reached the bank and he told his friends to call an ambulance. Kaleb grabbed spiderwebs to put on his arm and pinched the arm between his legs to stop the bleeding, which he says he managed to accomplish before the police even arrived.

Kaleb was joking with the paramedics by the time his mum arrived and at the hospital he asked his aunt to take a photo of him in the trauma unit and post it on Facebook so that his friends knew that “I can still drive my airboat. Let them know it was my right arm and not my left.”

Authorities found the alligator, killed it, dissected it and found Kaleb’s arm inside, but too much time had passed to reattach the limb.

Watch below as Kaleb tells the story to ABC News:

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