Here's how desperate 'The Bachelorette' has gotten

I have a nightly routine — I scroll through Netflix and Hulu for thirty minutes until I find something I want to watch. Then, I watch for two minutes and doze off. Last night, I came across “The Bachelorette” on Hulu, now in its eleventh season.

I normally would flip right past it, but something caught my eye!

The title of the episode: “Kaitlyn’s Dead.”

If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s a basic premise: A few dozen guys compete for the heart of one woman, usually a cast-off from “The Bachelor.” The guys are narrowed down each week until there’s two left, then one. Then there’s usually a proposal.

Many of the couples do not end up together, and over the years the show has seemingly become more and more staged.

During the show, the bachelorette — this season, it’s Kaitlyn — goes on dates with the competing dudes. Usually, it’s skydiving or snorkelling; something that can easily parlay into a metaphor about love (think, jumping out of the plane with Matt made me feel like I could really let go and jump…away from my past and into my future.)

But on tonight’s episode, the date…is a funeral.

“Kaitlyn is dead…for today!” the show’s host Chris Harrison explains to a handful of guys, telling them they’re going to have a “traditional Irish wake.”

Then he leads them into a funeral home where Kaitlyn is laying in a coffin, and tells the guys they have to give competing eulogies.

Everyone looks confused.

A contestant named Ben Z. says he wanted to keep it light and fun, but also says it reminds him of his mother’s actual funeral, so it’s hard for him.Kaitlyn, in a voiceover, says she “wanted this [date] to be light-hearted, but knows it will be hard for Ben Z.”

Then you see her reach out of the coffin to comfort Ben Z.

It’s incredibly dark. You can watch the 2 minute clip of tonight’s episode here.

Please, ABC, bring back the skydiving dates.


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