High school girl had a great reaction after making Texas history by scoring 9 extra points in a state title game

  • High school senior K-Lani Nava became the first female to score points in a Texas state title football game.
  • Afterward, she said was unfazed by the pressure of the game or playing on the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium field.

K-Lani Nava, a high school senior at Strawn School in Texas, made history on Wednesday by scoring nine extra points in her school’s state title football game.

According to ESPN, Nava became the first female to score points in a University Interscholastic League (UIL) state title game. UIL governs athletics at public schools in Texas. Strawn won 78-42 to win the Class 1A Division II Six-Man championship.

The game was played on the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium field, but the stage didn’t affect Nava, who had a great reaction to her big game afterward.

“My thoughts were … it was just another field,” Nava told The Star-Telegram. “It’s any other field that anyone would play on. I didn’t think about the whole state thing, it was like the first game of the season for me.”

She told TexasFootball.com: “I had zero pressure. I did think about [the first kick] this morning, but when I got on the field and ready to kick, it didn’t cross my mind. All I worried about was the ball getting on the tee, and me making the right contact with it. I do my job.”

Nava added that she didn’t think about the historic implications of her feat so as not to freak herself out.

According to ESPN, she is believed to be the first female to play in a state title game in Texas.

Check out one of her kicks below:

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