Justise Winslow — one of the top NBA prospects in the draft — identifies what his biggest adjustments to the NBA will be

Justise winslow
Justise Winslow will be tasked with guarding some of the best players each night in the NBA. Andy Lyons/Getty

Duke’s Justise Winslow projects to be one of the top eight picks at the NBA Draft Thursday night.

Though Winslow’s name hasn’t been mentioned in the very top of the lottery, the 6’6″ wing has been projected to go as high as No. 4 to the Knicks to No. 8 to the Pistons.

In preparation for the draft, Winslow spoke to Business Insider while promoting his new deal with Axe, and discussed what he thinks will be the toughest adjustment going into the NBA.

“I think kind of just the speed and the pace of the game will definitely be something I have to adjust to,” Winslow said. “Playing with guys that are all my size, all my, pretty much, same athleticism, older and stronger, bigger than me will be something I have to adjust to. But it will be a process — I’m sure after a while I’ll get pretty accustomed to it.

“But also just the longer season, 82 games,” Winslow said. “To be able to handle that on the court, limiting injuries, keeping your health, your diet all right. Also off the court, you know, it’s a very long season. Just making sure you’re doing everything right so you can perform at a high level for all 82 games.”

However, Winslow said he’s not overly concerned with having to play the wing position in the NBA — one of the more increasingly challenging positions in the NBA because of the versatility of its players. Winslow noted that he’s been asked to play it his whole life, so, much like his overall adjustment to the NBA, he thinks he can get it down after time.

“It’s a challenge, but it’s nothing that intimidates me. I accept the challenge and I’m just gonna try to do my best to do all those things great and be a versatile guy.”

Winslow’s combination of athleticism, defence, shooting, and ball-handling (in doses) makes him a prospect every team would love to have. While he doesn’t necessarily have the intrigue of some of the other top prospects, some people have labelled him a “safe pick” — someone that could stick around the NBA for a long time.

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