SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Check Out How Hard Justin Verlander Was Throwing In The Ninth Inning Last Night

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Last night in the ninth inning for the Detroit Tigers, Justin Verlander took matters into his own arm and amped up the volume.

In the first eight innings, Verlander threw 59 fastballs that averaged 94.1 mph. But in the ninth inning, Verlander threw 18 fastballs that averaged 97.6 mph.

In fact, his final three fastballs, pitches 128, 129, and 131, were all 100.3 mph, his fastest pitches of the night.

Here is an inning-by-inning look at Verlander’s fastball velocity and how he got stronger as the night went along. Also notice that within each inning, his fastest fastballs came at the end of the inning…

Justin Verlander fastball

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