Justin Trudeau just did a pretty good Scottish accent at Edinburgh University

The Canadian prime minister was speaking at a graduation ceremony in the McEwan Hall, at Edinburgh University where he received an honorary degree.

He spoke to the audience for several minutes and retold a story about his great-grandfather.

He said: “Another great Scot [was] my grandfather, Jimmy Sinclair. He was born in Banffshire and, as family lore had it, his father, my great-grandfather, James George Sinclair, who was a local schoolteacher was also a passionate fisherman. And, unfortunately, back then there were rules around who can fish in which streams.

“And about the fourth or fifth time the local constable caught him, and threatened to throw him in jail if he caught him once again fishing in the laird’s stream, as family lore has it, my great grandfather says: “But if I cannae fish I canna live!””

“So he went home, unrolled his schoolhouse maps, looks at a big map of Canada, pointed to a spot on the west coast of the country, and says “There! British Columbia, where we can be free and no man owns the fish.”

Produced by Joe Daunt