People thought NSYNC was about to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show — but it turned out to just be 4 random dudes

The four dancers initially looked like NSYNC. Peter Hartlaub on Twitter
  • Before Justin Timberlake performed in the Super Bowl halftime show, there was rampant speculation that boy band NSYNC would reunite on stage.
  • For a brief moment, Timberlake was surrounded by four dancers who bore some resemblance to his former bandmates.
  • They turned out to just be random dancers, leading to an overall feeling of disappointment about Timberlake’s halftime performance.
  • Destiny’s Child reunited in a past Super Bowl halftime performance by Beyoncé.

Viewers of Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime show were disappointed that NSYNC didn’t join him on stage.

Many speculated before the show that Timberlake would be joined by his former NSYNC bandmates. After all, Beyoncé was joined by the other members of Destiny’s Child during her halftime performance.

For a brief moment, it appeared Timberlake was surrounded by the other NSYNC band members, notes San Francisco Chronicle pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub.

After his tweet, others weighed in to say they had similar moments at their Super Bowl parties.

Many viewers had hoped that Timberlake would bring back NSYNC, the boy band that established his career, for his halftime performance.

Others hoped he would perform with Janet Jackson, whom he infamously performed with during the “Nipplegate” performance in 2004.

Instead, Timberlake performed on his own, breaking from his own work to perform an ill-received tribute to Prince in the singer’s hometown of Minneapolis.