Unfortunately, Justin Timberlake Kicked Us Out Of The Advertising Week VIP Party

Justin Timberlake

MySpace’s kickoff party for Advertising Week included some big names like B.o.B. and Natasha Bedingfield, who headlined the show at Best Buy theatre on Monday evening. Naturally, we wondered if this was MySpace’s attempt at making a comeback.

We wanted to do our best investigative journalism, so after hearing an usher direct a troupe of important-looking people to a tucked-away side room, we decided to follow. You never know how far a press pass will get you.

We got into the VIP room without a hitch, and searched the crowd for MySpace executives who we hoped would tell us just what the networking site has in mind to revitalize its brand. Of course, we wondered whether its glitziest investor would show.

We briefly met Matt Scheckner, the Advertising Week head who planned the party, and chatted up MySpace folks, including an executive VP. For the most part, people were having a great time and happy to chat — maybe aware on some level that MySpace probably needs us to write a story on the company more than we needed to bring back something good to our editor.

And B.o.B. made an appearance, chatting it up with the MySpace folks, exchanging hugs and having pictures taken.

Then, out of nowhere, Justin Timberlake and his handler appeared. Conspicuous as we were (with notepads and a camera out), it wasn’t long before his handler approached us.

“I didn’t know there was media in here,” she huffed.

Meanwhile, JT was standing nearby, arms crossed and shaking his head (nice way to meet the celebrity, right?).

We were kicked out shortly thereafter. But it was totally worth it.

Now check out photos from the huge MySpace event >

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