How Justin Carter's Dad Felt When He Learned An Anonymous Donor Was Paying $ 500,000 To Free His Son From Jail

carter familyThe Carter family. Jack Carter, Jennifer Carter and Justin Carter, the 19-year-old who was jailed for months because of ‘sarcastic’ Facebook comments.

This morning, Justin Carter, his mother Jennifer, his father Jack, and his two attorneys Chad Van Brunt and Donald Flanary spoke with CNN’s Kat Bolduan on News Day.

It’s one of the first interviews the Carter family has given since Justin was released from jail yesterday afternoon. An anonymous donor paid his $500,000 bail, an amount the family couldn’t afford.

The 19-year-old had been in a Texas prison since February 14, where his father says he fell into a depression and was physically harmed, for making shocking but allegedly sarcastic comments on Facebook.

Carter, an avid gamer, got into a spat with a fellow League of Legends player on Facebook. After being provoked and told he was crazy, Carter fired back:

I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/ And eat the beating heart of one of them.

His father says the messages were followed by “lol” and “jk” to show Justin was joking.

In April, he was charged with making “terroristic threats,” which is a third-degree felony and can keep offenders in jail for up to 10 years.

How does it feel to find out someone (or some group) you don’t know is going to pay half a million dollars to get your son out of jail?

Jack Carter told Bolduan: “Disbelief.  I still kind of don’t believe it, even though he’s standing here.  I had to sit down.  I even asked Dawn if it was a joke.  I was just completely taken aback.  It’s just such an amazing thing. “

And how does Justin feel to be out of jail? “Im really happy, I’m doing really good right now,” he said.  But he cautioned others:

“I just want to make it clear that people should be very, very careful what they say and it’s being recorded all the time if you say it on any website anywhere and you can get in trouble for something that’s not something you should get in trouble for. And I just want people to be warned.”

Here’s the clip:

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