Justin Bieber's Gated Community Is Furious With His Friends

Justin Bieber sunglassesWho me?

Justin Bieber and his posse are wreaking havoc on a gated community in Los Angeles county.

Residents of The Oaks of Calabasas say Bieber “ignores posted speed limits, homeowners association laws, and pretty much all the rules of life in a gated community,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

Thursday, neighbours videotaped Bieber’s housemates, Lil Za and Lil Twist, burning rubber in a black Range Rover and white Ferrari, both Bieber’s cars.

The footage, acquired by TMZ, shows the vehicles pass the neighbours’ car in the oncoming traffic lane and blow past the 25 MPH limit.

Once they arrived at the Oaks community’s gate, Lil Za got out of the SUV and confronted the blonde surbanite and her phone-camerawoman. The driver said Lil Za was speeding and is not a resident.

“I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do,” Lil Za said, before cussing the woman out.

Watch the footage below.

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Since Bieber moved into the quiet community of Calabasas last year, the 19-year-old pop singer has subjected its residents to loud parties, throngs of paparazzi, news helicopters hovering overhead, and similiar road incidents, reports the LA Times.

Bieber reportedly sped down a road where neighbour and NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson’s daughter was playing. An infuriated Johnson gave TMZ a piece of his mind.

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Bieber, who was cleared of hit-and-run accusations earlier this week, lives in an exclusive nook of the Oaks community called The Estates. His $6.5 million dollar home includes five bedrooms and a movie theatre with stadium seating, according to Forbes magazine.

Homes in The Estates list for $7 to $12 million.

“People come for peace, quiet and normalcy in their lives,” Calabasas Mayor Fred Gaines said. “It’s out of the limelight.”

Surely, residents are anxiously waiting for Bieber to trade in his Ferrari for a seat on the Virgin Galactic space shuttle.

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