Justin Bieber posted then deleted what appeared to be his phone number, and people are freaking out

SMXRF/STAR MAX/IPxJustin Bieber and Haley Baldwin
  • Justin Bieber appeared to tweet out a phone number on Monday before quickly deleting it.
  • Fans picked up the number, however, and soon started calling and texting it in hopes of getting a response.
  • It’s unclear if the phone number is real or where it is from, but the code +505 is used to make international calls to Nicaragua from the United States.

Justin Bieber appeared to accidentally tweet out his phone number before quickly deleting it on Monday – but fans still had a chance to screenshot the number and give it a call.

The post, which said, “Had to change it. Hit me at +505 5853 1341,” read more like a text than a tweet and was sent to Bieber’s millions of followers.

Another tweet said it was Bieber’s number on Whatsapp, a free text and voice messaging app used by people around the world.

Fans quickly took the opportunity to try the number and circulated it after Bieber took it down.




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It’s unclear where the number is from, or if it’s actually real.

The code +505 is used to make international calls to Nicaragua from the United States. The area code 505 is for regions of New Mexico.

The tweet was sent from Los Angeles.

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