HOUSE OF THE DAY: It's Official—Justin Bieber Paid $6.5 Million For His Sweet LA Mansion

justin bieber house calabasas

Photo: Zillow/Wikimedia Commons

After months of rumours and speculation, it’s official: Justin Bieber paid $6.5 million for the mansion he recently bought in Calabasas, outside the city of Los Angeles, according to the LA Times.The 10,000-square-foot house sits on 1.3 acres and has seven bedrooms, a pool and a wine cellar…just what every 18-year-old needs (thanks to Zillow for the photos).

Here it is: Chez Bieber.

It sits in suburban Calabasas.

At 1.3 acres, it's a huge property.

The pool is one of the highlights.

Bieber can throw some sick parties out here.

Too bad he isn't even old enough to drink.

A cute fountain.

And a bigger one.

Let's head inside.

Lots of Spanish touches.

And cool tiled floors.

Sweet! There's a game room.

And a movie theatre.

Here's the wet bar--still off limits.

A modern kitchen.

And plenty of space to relax.

This place has seven bedrooms.

And eight bathrooms.

Arches and curves everywhere.

Another den.

Not bad for a pop star.

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