Never Say Never! Will Box Office Champ Adam Sandler Fall To Justin Bieber This Weekend?

bieber sandler

By now we’ve all been programmed to assume that Justin Bieber is unbeatable at anything he attempts.

This is a kid who has made purple cool for boys, for crying out loud.

So one would assume that “Never Say Never,” Bieber’s 3-D biopic (he’s almost 17 — it’s time), will be crushing any and all competition at the box office this weekend.

Actor Channing Tatum, who stars in another new release, “The Eagle,” has already waved the white flag of surrender, telling MTV News that he fully expects “Never” to “murder” his movie financially.

And yet — box office analysts are betting on Adam Sandler to win the weekend. They’re predicting that “Just Go With It” will take in over $30 million in ticket cash (projections for “Never” vary vastly).

The theory is that everything Sandler touches turns to gold — even “Grownups” opened with $40 million. But “Never” just might be the David to Sandler’s Goliath.

First of all, it’s Bieber. Secondly, a lot of kids across the country have had snow days this week, and parents are going to be more than eager to get them out of the house for a couple of hours (Bieber fever is the best cure for cabin fever). Third, reviews are uniformly panning “Go With It” — it only wrung a 32 per cent out of Rotten Tomatoes.

And fourth, and most importantly: once again, it’s Bieber.

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