Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For $9M After A Woman Says His Concert Hurt Her Hearing—Here's Today's Buzz

  • ShutterstockJustin Bieber is being sued for $9 million after a woman claims her hearing has been permanently damaged after taking her daughter to the pop star’s concert. The Oregon woman is suing Bieber, his label Island Def Jam Records, the concert promoter and the arena for $9.23 in damages.
  • Is Lenny Kravitz the next Ralph Lauren? The rocker told CNN he wants to expand his Kravitz Design brand, saying “The plan is to make it a lifestyle brand . . . my dream for this company. In the same way you would see Ralph Lauren or Giorgio Armani.” The line will reportedly include furniture, bedding and clothing.
  • Stan Lee unveiled a new YouTube channel, “Stan Lee’s World of Heroes,” at Comic-Con. The channel will feature podcasts from Mark Hamilll, comic writers, and more.
  • Viacom pulled its free online programming after its channels went dark on DirecTV, furthering the dispute with the cable company.  Will Smith may make his directorial debut in a story about brothers Cain and Abel.
  • After three years together and one baby later, actress Lindsay Price and celebrity chef Curtis Stone confirm they are engaged to be married.
  • Kate Middleton isn’t afraid to get her well-groomed hands dirty—the duchess organised an outing with a troop of boy scouts near her home in North Wales Wednesday where the group all went crabbing, fishing and even learned how to gut a fish.
  • Watch the first trailer for “Oz The Great and Powerful,” starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz, which debuted at Comic-Con on Thursday. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

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