Justin Bieber Hits Man With Ferrari, Cops Say It Isn't Singer's Fault

justin bieber

Justin Bieber reportedly struck a pedestrian with his Ferrari but won’t be charged with a crime.

TMZ reports the 19-year-old singer was leaving the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood Monday evening when he appeared to pin a photographer between his car and a parked vehicle.

Video captured by TMZ shows¬†footage of Bieber’s Ferrari surrounded by paparazzi and after motioning for them to clear the way it appears he pinned one of the people between his car and a parked vehicle momentarily.

Bieber proceeded to drive off.

CBS News reports the Los Angeles Police Department police confirmed Bieber struck a pedestrian with his car, but that there was no crime committed.

The AFP reports the paparazzo was hit in the knee and treated with unspecified injuries.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told AFP the situation is “an ongoing investigation for a traffic collision.”

According to TMZ, police fault the photographer as a pedestrian blocking the roadway.

Here’s video of the footage.¬†The incident happens around the 1:50 mark.

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