Justin Bieber Says He’s Just Like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Justin Bieber Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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When not stealing the hearts of pre-teen girls and creating a frenzy everywhere he goes Justin Bieber likes comparing himself to soon-to-be jailed pro boxers.Bieber spoke to V Magazine about his father being a “great fighter” and teaching him how to box growing up (via Off the Bench).

He then made a parallel between all the hate he gets and the negativity surrounding Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

‘Now that I’m on top, everyone wants to bring me down. Everyone’s trying to tug at me and take my spot,’ he said.

‘Like Floyd Mayweather, he’s the best boxer in the world. Now he is a champion. Every time he goes to a fight now, people are like, ‘He’s going to lose this time’.

Bieber also calls himself a “pretty good boxer.”

So could the teenage sensation someday leave his music career for the ring? He didn’t provide those details, but it’s fair to say “never say never.”