Justin Bieber Fans Camped Out For Two Days In The Pouring Rain To See Him Wear This Jacket

justin bieber today show

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Justin Bieber performed on “The Today Show” this morning to a crowd of screaming girls who had camped out for over 48 hours in the pouring rain to see him. Matt Lauer said that at 4:30 this morning, the crowd extended all the way up to 55th street on 5th Ave to see his performance.

The Biebs himself couldn’t believe it, saying that the “girls have dedication that I’ve never seen before…in anybody.”

Well, fine. Then why disrespect them with this jacket?

It looks like the lovechild of a high school varsity jacket and the really bad Christmas sweater you have to wear because your grandma knitted it for you.

It looks like Bill Cosby made the varsity elf squad.

And yet — he pulled it off.

The moral of this holiday tale? Bieber can make anything look cool.