A Justin Bieber fan said the singer DM’ed her after she said she wasn’t impressed with his new album, ‘Changes’

Justin Bieber apparently sent a DM to a fan after she tweeted that she wasn’t a fan of his new album. Pratik Chorge/Hindustan Times via Getty; @BarstoolRia on Twitter
  • Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album, “Changes,” was released on Friday.
  • Maria Ciuffo, the co-host of a Barstool Sports podcast called “Chicks in the Office,” tweeted that she wanted to like Bieber’s newest album, but hinted she wasn’t a fan.
  • Then, Ciuffo said she received a DM from Bieber himself in response to her criticism, where he apparently wrote: “Too bad.”
  • Ciuffo’s reaction to apparently receiving the private message from Bieber is documented in a video posted by “Chicks in the Office.”
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Justin Bieber released his fifth studio album, “Changes,” on Friday.

Bieber’s “Changes,” which contains a tracklist of 17 songs, may have delighted some fans of the singer who have missed his music, considering his last album, “Purpose,” was released in 2015.

However, after one listener of Bieber’s newest album shared her thoughts on “Changes” in a tweet, hinting that she wasn’t impressed, Bieber himself apparently responded to her in a direct message.

Maria Ciuffo, a co-host of “Chicks in the Office,” a podcast from Barstool Sports, tweeted on Friday: “I wanted to love Justin Bieber’s album… I really did…”

She continued in another post, writing: “I had to put on the ‘Fine Line’ Harry Styles album to get the bad taste of Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ out of my mouth.”

Then, Ciuffo shared what appears to be a screenshot of her Twitter DMs, which includes a message from Bieber, likely in response to her criticism of his “Changes” album. He appeared to write: “Too bad.”

“Justin Bieber just DM’d me because of my tweet about his album. I’m sad it happened this way,” Ciuffo wrote.

Later, Ciuffo spoke about Bieber’s DM while recording an upcoming episode of “Chicks in the Office.” A video of the podcast recording shows Ciuffo’s apparent reaction to the singer’s private message. She seemed to clutch her heart out of shock.

“Justin Bieber just DM’ed me,” she said in the video. “He wrote: ‘Too bad.'”

It’s unclear whether or not other critics of the “Changes” album have been called out via Twitter private messages from Bieber.

In January, Bieber released his single “Yummy,” which is also included in his “Changes” album.

Once a teen pop sensation who rose to fame with his songs “One Time” and “Baby,” Bieber has been criticised for his over-the-top tactics to try to get his songs to the top of charts. After his single “Yummy” was released, he asked fansto listen to the song using artificial streaming tactics in now-deleted social media posts.

Justin bieber
Justin Bieber performs during his ‘Believe Tour’ in 2013, three months after his 19th birthday. Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Fans of Bieber have also praised his openness about mental health, overcoming substance abuse, and his recovery process, which he shares in his YouTube documentary, “Seasons.”

The singer has been married to Hailey Bieber (neé Baldwin) in 2018.

Representatives for Justin Bieber, Maria Ciuffo, and the podcast “Chicks in the Office” did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.