Justin Bieber Snuggles Up To Tina Fey On SNL

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is living the dream.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live, in its attempt to bring big ratings to a Saturday night, has been booking a few big-name hosts and guest, including former Golden Girl Betty White.They also brought in a secret pop star weapon: Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop singer who was discovered on YouTube and recently became a pop culture phenomenon.

He’s on the April 10th episode with Tina Fey hosting, for the one-two punch up for the ratings. Fey is expected to bring back her infamous Sarah Palin impression.

On the Academy Awards’ red carpet, Fey told MTV News: “I’m gonna pick him up like this,” she said, swinging her arms as if she were holding a baby. “And I’m gonna push those bangs out of his face like this [licks her finger], like a mother.”

Here’s Tina talking about Justin:

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