A Simple Way To Get Better Yelp Ratings For Your Business

justin bazan park slope eye

Photo: Business Insider

Dr. Justin Bazan has run his optometry practice, Park Slope Eye, since 2007. A quick look at the practice’s Yelp page shows a 4.5 star rating with over 100 reviews. This doesn’t happen by accident.Bazan is a social media evangelist of the highest degree. A placard at the practice’s reception desk prompts guests to check in on Foursquare and have a look at the Yelp page. During appointments, Bazan will use Yelp to help patients find a place to get lunch afterwards. He never asks for reviews and it all happens very organically.

His method seems to be based entirely on raising awareness. If a patient registers a Yelp account after hearing about it from Bazan, the first establishment he’ll review is Park Slope Eye. And if the patient liked his experience enough to register an account, he’ll give Bazan a high rating.

“For me, Yelp is just as much about patients finding me as it is about me finding the right patient. When I can deliver the same experience they read about online, they’ll rate my practice higher,” he said.

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