SCALIA: 'It Offends Me' That Politicians Are criticising Justices Over Obamacare

While he wouldn’t directly address the Supreme Court’s controversial health care ruling, Justice Antonin Scalia had some pretty harsh words for anyone who thinks the high court is divided along political lines.

“We are not a political institution. I don’t think any of my colleagues on any cases vote the way they do for political reasons,” Scalia said Wednesday night when he appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” adding that “it offends” him to hear people criticising the justices for their ruling.

The conservative justice, who co-authored a brutal dissent on the court’s health care opinion, wouldn’t speak about any current cases, such as health care, immigration, or gay marriage.

But he did talk about the controversial Bush v. Gore decision, the still hotly debated 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision, and the death penalty.

“Get over it,” Scalia reportedly said of Gore supporters who are convinced the court wrongly favoured Bush. “He [Gore] would have lost anyway if all the ballots were recounted.”

On the issue of abortion, Scalia told Morgan it was a state issue and the 1973 decision should be overturned, adding that the court isn’t helping the country by staying involved in the abortion debate, according to CNN. 

The same goes for capital punishment, according to the conservative justice.

“If you don’t like the death penalty, fine, change the law,” Scalia told Morgan. “I’m not ‘pro’ death penalty, I’m ‘anti’ the idea that is not ultimately a democratic choice.”

Watch the full interview, courtesy of CNN:

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