Justice Alito's Yearbook Entry Reveals His Love Of Sidewalk Cafes And His Lifelong Goal

Samuel Alito nassau herald yearbook 1972Alito in The Nassau Herald.

Photo: Princeton University

Justice Samuel Alito intended on warming “a seat on the Supreme Court” way before his 2006 appointment to the court’s bench.Looking at his 1972 Princeton yearbook, the Trenton, N.J. native had quite the impressive record and ambitions.

Tumblr posted the photo on Wednesday.

Alito planned on going to law school, which he did at Yale, and ultimately getting a seat on the Supreme Court, his yearbook points out.

In his undergraduate years at the university, Alito also wrote a thesis, “La corte costituzionale italiana,” which he researched in the summer of 1971 on “various sidewalk cafes in Rome and Bologna.”

He completed the Woodrow Wilson School and spent his senior year as a Woodrow Wilson Scholar, “thinking great and ineffable thoughts,” as his yearbook puts it.

It would seem that a young Samuel Alito knew a thing or two about his own potential.

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