Just Waking Up? Here's What's Going On

sun sunrise

Good morning.

The world is taking stock of Friday’s unemployment picture (and credit growth), and it’s ignoring Greece for now.

Here’s how world markets have been moving.

  • Japan’s Nikkei ended up over 2.09%.
  • Hong Kong also gained about 2%.
  • Shanghai gained a more modest .7%.

Everything had been looking great early on and when Asia closed. But in just the last several minutes things have turned down (a little).

  • Gold is rough tly flat, hanging out just over $1130/oz.
  • The euro had been on fire, though it’s given back a bit.
  • The Dax and the FTSE are down just a few ticks.
  • US futures had been heading higher, but are now pointing down.

As for other news you should be aware of

  • Oil is above $82.
  • AIG is selling its Alico unit to MetLife for $15.5 billion.
  • Shell and PetroChina have made a $3.3 billion bid for an Australian gas field.

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