Just Say No – Purple Drank And Other Bad Purple Products

As a follow up to the popular Blog warning of the dangers of “Purple Drank”, I though it appropriate to warn the public of a number of other Purple oriented narcotics and products that Hedge Fund Live does not endorse and are concerned that use of these Purple products could impair your ability to trade. As such we are compelled to alert the trading community to the dangers in indulging.

They are ranked on a scale of 1 – 10 , 10 affecting your ability to trade the most.

Purple Dragonite is Weed marinated in cough syrup providing up to a 14 hour high.

Rank – 7

Purple Curry – Curry that causes extreme laxative, may require one to be off the trading desk numerous times throughout trading hours.

Rank – 3

Purple Florgen – Welch grape soda, whip cream, small amount of grenadine and a very large amount of cheap vodka.

Rank – 6

Purple hippo – A single very large and extended toke on a well packed bowl.

Rank  -2

Puple Jelly – Cough syrup mixed with liquid hydrocodine. Creating a “hyphy” effect or hyperactivity.

Rank – 4

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