This Chrome extension highlights weak phrases in your emails to make you sound more confident

Just Not Sorry” is a Google Chrome extension that stops you from casually undermining yourself in emails.

It identifies words and phrases you use to “soften” your speech, like “sorry but” or “if you can.” According to creator Tami Reiss, using these kinds of phrases actually hurts the impact of what you are trying to say. They sound weak.

Reiss writes that this is a problem particularly for women making their way in business, or starting their own companies.

“We had all inadvertently fallen prey to a cultural communication pattern that undermined our ideas,” she writes of her peers. “As entrepreneurial women, we run businesses and lead teams  —  why aren’t we writing with the confidence of their positions?”

And so the idea for “Just Not Sorry” was born. The extension works by underlining words that undermine your emails. It highlights them as if you misspelled them, though there is slight difference in colour between it and normal spellcheck.

Reiss says that in beta testing she found this method not only cut down on how much these phrases were used in email, but made testers think about how they used these word when talking as well.

Try out the extension for yourself here, or visit the page on Product Hunt.

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