Just In: $10 Gas Doesn't Mean End of civilisation As We Know It!

Everyone knows gas is more expensive in Europe, but it’s nice to put numbers behind that notion. As US gas prices blow through $5, it’s also nice to observe that Europe hasn’t reverted to a Road Warrior-like wasteland.

From the LA Times:

Gas Prices in World Cities

CityReg. price in USD/gal. Oslo 9.85 Paris 9.43 Copenhagen 9.24 Rome 9.03 London 8.96 Berlin 8.68 Hong Kong 8.05 Seoul 7.33 Sao Paulo 6.38 Tokyo 6.30 Singapore 6.13 Nairobi 5.94 Sydney 5.57 Montreal 5.57 Vancouver 5.50 Santiago 5.18 Toronto 4.98 Mumbai 4.94 Bangkok 4.78 Los Angeles 4.57 Johannesburg 4.41 Moscow 3.90 Havana 3.75 Buenos Aires 3.56 Beijing 3.40 Mexico City 2.62 Dubai City 1.70 Cairo 1.24 Kuwait City 0.92 Riyadh 0.47 Tehran 0.41 Caracas 0.12 Sources: AIRINC, Energy Information Administration  

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