Just How Reputable Is DLA Piper, The Law Firm With The Client Who Says He Owns 50% Of Facebook?


Paul Ceglia, the guy from upstate New York who claims to own 50% of Facebook, just re-filed his lawsuit with a new firm, DLA Piper.

It’s got lots of new evidence in it: mostly emails between Ceglia and Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s response so far has to been to claim that Ceglia’s evidence is all fabricated (and to remind everyone that Ceglia is an ex-con).

Our question is: how reputable is DLA Piper? Are they the kind of place that would take a document fabricator on as a client?

We asked around, and here’s what we heard:

  • Gawker operations boss Scott Kidder told us: “They are very well respected.”
  • An IP lawyer we know said: “Very large. In the top 50.”
  • They were thirteenth highest-grossing law firm, according to Law.com.
  • A person in the startup scene said: “DLA Piper has an excellent reputation in the tech industry. I’ve talked to a lot of people about a lot of firms and they’ve never said anything but positive things. “
  • We hear DLA Piper is Los Angeles-based VC Mark Suster’s firm.
  • A guy from super fancy law firm Skadden tells us “an IP guy (a much more experienced associate) said he didn’t think the IP group was particularly well-regarded.”

What have you heard? Fill us in below.

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