Just as Beat the Q was taking off, the coffee startup has changed its name to Hey You

Beat the Q has had quite the startup journey. Before announcing a $5 million funding round led by Westpac’s Reinventure fund, the startup has been through a merger, attracted some top Silicon Valley angel investment and done its fair share of pivoting.

From the outside it looked like the coffee app had started to find its groove. Signage was being taped up in cafes around Sydney. If you listened out for it, you could, at certain times of the day, hear people say they’d order on Beat the Q. Or you’d see the app on a person’s phone on the train before their stop.

So with the brand starting to rack up a bit of currency, it seems odd to pull the rug out from under it.

But that’s exactly what co-founders Rebekah Campbell and Adam Theobald have done.

Today they took the first step towards being known as “Hey You”.

“We’ve got to look at what our vision is for the future of the company and you have to bite the bullet,” Campbell told Business Insider.

Campbell explained it would be a step change, with a fresh vision to become more than just an order-ahead app being revealed today. On August 10, the new app design will be launched and there will be a number of other roll-outs to follow.

“Beat the Q is kind of a limiting name for an app which just does one thing,” Campbell said, adding the startup also wants to get into table service ordering and notification so you don’t have to go up to the bar – you will be able to use the app to order food and drinks and your phone will let you know when it’s ready.

The other element is startup wants to help the venues which use it acquire more loyal customers.

“We interviewed a lot of customers and coffee shop owners, we had this vision for the app to bring coffeeshop owners and customers together,” she said, adding the one thing which owners needed was more regular customers. They also found a casual customer becomes a regular when the owner knows their name.

So the idea for the Hey You name was born. There are two new key features.

When you sign into the app it personalises to be say “Hey *your name here*”.

And eventually there will be profiles on the people behind the coffee shops.

Campbell wasn’t phased by the rebrand cost, telling Business Insider redesigning the logo and getting some flyers printed for the 450 venues which used the service didn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars. Redesigning the app happens constantly anyway.

“As a startup you have to redesign your product or you become stale,” she said.

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