Three Police Cars Chased A Suspected Felon Across A Golf Course

There is a serious side to this, of course.

Minnesota man Kendall Feist was faced with outstanding drug felony warrants earlier this week.

Rather than accept them, he took the time-honoured US tradition of leading cops on a chase. Across a golf course.

The result – aided by the 80s style footage – was all your madcap cornball movie chases rolled into real-life.

Pro-shop employee Mark Rasmussen told

“I looked out the window and saw a pickup truck coming straight down the driving range.

“He swerved out of the way and cut across the fairway… people running to get out of his way.”

The 33-year-old driver can now add felony charges for fleeing police and criminal property damage to his current rap sheet.

And the cops haven’t got away with it lightly either. They’re facing an investigation into whether chasing suspects across golf courses is considered appropriate conduct.