The Tight-Knit Jury Is “Shaken Up” After Making Their Call To Convict Raj


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After two weeks of deliberations, yesterday 12 jurors found Raj Raj Rajaratnam guilty of all charges.Alternate juror, Phillip Wedo, who was part of the deliberations, told Bloomberg “he didn’t want to talk about the case because he thought it would compromise his loyalty to other jurors.”

The jury had become close during their time together.

We often heard bouts of laughter coming from the jury room during daily recesses.

And the day before they reached their unanimous verdict, five of them “sat in front of the fountain in Foley Square, near the Manhattan federal court… and took turns snapping group photos,” the New York Post reported.

Wedo, the alternate and “hipster juror“, said he’d wanted Raj to testify to “explain what we heard on the tapes.”

He also said of the jury, “I think they’re a little bit shaken up. I don’t think it was an easy decision for them.”

A 55-year-old juror who did take part in the deliberations confirmed that suspicion.

“It was a very difficult decision” Carmen Gomez told the Wall Street Journal. The 55-year-old teacher was tight-lipped, but admitted that “the recordings showed Mr. Rajaratnam used ‘confidential information’ and bought ‘stocks based on that.'”

The WSJ writes that a wiretap in which Raj discusses a tip on impending quarterly losses at Goldman, was a watershed moment for the jury. It is unattributed, but we assume it was mentioned by one of the juror’s they tracked down.

Another juror called Leila Gorman Gonzalez said, “there was just a lot of evidence.”

That’s probably the most we’ll get from the jurors on how they came to their decision.

In the same note in which they told the judge they’d reached a verdict, they also wrote: “Please, we do not want to meet with press.”

The note also said: “I Robert Jirmnson, Foreman notify the court that the Jury has come to a unanimous decision.”

25 minutes after they gave the judge the note, the jury filed into the courtroom. The judge’s deputy then proclaimed “guilty” 14 times (for all 14 counts) — through which “Rajaratnam looked straight at him without flinching” — he asked the jury, “is this indeed your verdict?”

“The last juror, 55-year-old Relesta James of Manhattan, loudly answered: ‘Yes,'” according to the WSJ.

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