JupiterMedia (JUPM) Relaunches Internet.com


We’ve just stumbled across Darien, Conn.-based JupiterMedia’s revised Internet.com site aimed at IT pros, which Jupiter marketing VP Michael DeMilt tells us relaunched this morning (though Jupiter CEO Alan Meckler’s blog says it actually went up yesterday). The original site dates back to 1999. A very, very brief first glance looks impressive if daunting: It’s chock full of feeds from various blogs and other sources, which we’re having a hard time identifying at first glance. We’re also unsure how to navigate the site, given that it’s crammed full of links, though we’re guessing that like many portals, it’s going to get the bulk of its traffic from people who come in via a sidedoor (RSS readers, external links, etc).

Jupiter made news last month when it bought Laurel Touby’s MediaBistro journalism portal for $20 million plus a $3 million earnout. Meckler’s company is substantially smaller than it was during the heyday of the first bubble, but looks to be pursuing an interesting strategy of cobbling together multiple portals/networks aimed at different crowds (IT guys, journalists and the people who care about them, etc); last year it sold off the JupiterResearch division to MCG Capital Corporation (Nasdaq: MCGC). We’ll check back re: financial performance Wednesday afternoon when the company announces Q2 earnings.