Take A Tour Of Jumpshare, A Simplified Dropbox That Doesn't Require An Account


Photo: Screenshot

Jumpshare is one of the latest entrants to the world of file sharing.The focus here seems to be on simplicity–users can upload without even creating an account, and the upload process is completely straightforward.

An inline file viewer makes it a snap to view a number of different file formats right inside your browser.

Think of it as a simplified Dropbox that doesn’t require an account.

One of the killer features in Jumpshare is that you can send sharable links to files before the upload is complete

It also features an inline file viewer, meaning you can open almost any file you want without downloading it

Jumpshare prides itself on being immediately accessible—upload a file with literally one click

Our personal favourite feature: no need to create an account (although that will be available soon for those who want it)

Find the file you want in the system dialog that appears (we used a Mac, but it's similar on Windows)

And after uploading, it's officially stored on Jumpshare—now, on to sharing options ...

Or for more public files, you can tweet a link with Jumpshare's Twitter integration

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