This Jumbo Jet Was Transformed Into A Beautiful Hotel -- And You Can Even Sleep In The Cockpit

If you’re looking for somewhere a little “different” to stay for the holidays, you should check out the Jumbo Stay Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Created inside of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet that used to fly for Pan Am, this cozy hotel features a redesigned interior and the opportunity to sleep in the aeroplane’s cockpit.

With 27 rooms that can hold up to 76 people, this unique hotel is one worth checking out.

This is 'Liv,' the Boeing 747 that was turned into the hotel in 2008, named after the owner's daughter.

You enter the Jumbo Stay Hostel from the side, and yes, you can walk along the wings.

Inside, many of the seats have been removed for a bar and seating area.

The iconic style of the aeroplane extends even to the staff, who dress as flight attendants.

Here's a view of the cramped hallway leading to the rooms.

The best room in the hotel is the cockpit suite, which features a gorgeous panoramic view.

Another seating lounge lets you relax in first-class seats.

The rooms vary in size, with some rooms able to house up to four people.

There's even bunkbeds.

The bathrooms have been remodeled and aren't as utilitarian as on typical flights.

Here's a view of how the hotel managed to pack the hotel rooms inside the 747's cabin.

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